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New perspectives, new horizons

Would you like to get some new perspectives of Murnau? On our theme tours you will get to know everything about Gabriele Münter, Ödön von Horváth, Emanuel von Seidl and the Blue Rider movement. Anecdotes and interesting facts give the small town a different and even more interesting image. The Tourist Information Centre will be pleased to give you a hand. 

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In the literary and biographical tracks of Horváth

Author and poet Ödön von Horváth lived in his parent's house in Murnau from 1924 to 1933. There, he wrote works that are now recognised as world-renowned literature. In short excerpts dealing with the Blue Land region, Dr. Fritz Wambsganz will take you on a literary tour of the world of this famous poet . Embark on a search for tracks: Head out from his family's house and stop at the numerous stations leading up to the Schloßmuseum Murnau, a museum in a castle with an exhibit dedicated to Horváth and his literature. On the way, you can witness how the author and poet cherished his country and people and yet was increasingly harassed by the Nazis.

The arquitect Emanuel von Seidl

More than hundred years ago, Munich's famous arquitect built not only simple houses and villas in Murnau, he built also his own monument. The beautiful coloured houses in the Ober- and Untermarkt for example, which nowadays are historic protected buildings, testify to his ingenuity. Not only in the city you get to know Emanuel von Seidl's lifework, but also in the park, called after himself: the Seidl-Park.

Men of letters and artists

What kind of magical spell have this small town on the shore of the Staffelsee lake and the Blue Land had on artists and men of letters since the 19th century? Even today, Murnau serves as a refuge and source of inspiration for them. Embark on a journey of discovery during which Ödön von Horváth, James Loeb or Walter von Molo are quoted, thereby coming to life again.

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