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Clever creations with regional products will delight every palette. Their love of the marvellous landscape of the Blue Land, the passion for indulging and the appreciation of fresh and honest products have brought the Staffelseewirte (Staffelsee Lake Innkeepers) together. They serve their guests nothing but the best, predominantly regional products: fish from the local lakes, fisheries, rivers and streams, venison and mushrooms from the nearby forests as well as local beef from the neighbouring pastures. The local breweries supply you with prime quality Bavarian brews. Every single one of the Staffelsee Lake Innkeepers has their own, unique concept for their cuisine and restaurant, which are highly esteemed by both local customers and tourists. Let the Blue Land melt in your mouth: at one of the restaurants or inns on the Staffelsee Lake.

You can obtain information on the restaurants and inns, their philosophy and events right on the website of the Staffelsee Lake Innkeepers.


Staffelseewirte e.V.
Griesbräustr. 5
82418 Murnau a. Staffelsee

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