St. Leonhard Church


A jewel between the Riegsee Lake and the Froschhauser Lake: the St. Leonhard Church. This church is a mosaic of most diverse styles of architecture – a must-see: the facade of the church is a plain structure of Gothic origin. In 1631, it was transformed into a Baroque-style building under the canons of Habach. Later, in 1730, the onion-shaped tower was rebuilt and a gallery was added. The church's magnificent interior, by contrast, wasn't created until the 1780s and was marked by the late rococo style. It is thus that, today, we can see the church's patron, St. Leonhard, in the middle of the high altar surrounded by a halo. The church also contains votive tablets made by Hinterglasmaler (reverse glass painters) based in the Blue Land, an art that is still practiced today.

The pilgrimage church is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque structures in this region. The church is the destination of the traditional pilgrimage on horseback in honour of St. Leonard that takes place every year on November 6th. A service with a blessing of horses is held outside its walls. This is a popular custom that can be witnessed here at its most magnificent. The decorated horses with their proud owners dressed in their traditional festive costumes, the teams of horses and numerous carts and carriages, the clubs of traditions and customs and the mountain brigade, they all contribute to making this day of commemoration a memorable experience.


Art of reverse glass painting


Pfarrkirche St. Leonhard
Leonhardistr. 2
82418 Murnau-Froschhausen

Telephone: +49 (0)8841 1253

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