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The Seehausen Museum of Local History (Heimatmuseum Seehausen) gives an impressive presentation of the extraordinary history of this charming fishing village – from excavations on Wörth Island, the emergence of a special artcraft and the abundance of fish in the clean waters of the Staffelsee Lake.

Skulls and bones along with remains of walls from a church dating back to the 7th century testify to the Celts and Romans who once populated this region. They were all found on Wörth Island, one of seven islands in the Staffelsee Lake. Despite this sensational discovery on display to be admired in the Heimatmuseum Seehausen historic museum, no further archaeological excavations were carried out.

Hinterglasmalerei (art of reverse glass painting) also has an important history in Seehausen. Two of the major painter dynasties of this traditional art craft – Gege und Noder – stem from this small village on the shore of the Staffelsee lake. There they created reverse glass paintings for over two centuries. Their individual works of art stood out, particularly on account of their superior quality.

The abundance of fish in the Staffelsee Lake gave the villagers in Seehausen yet another valuable trade – fishing. With an evident love of detail, the Seehausen Museum of Local History describes the history of the locality, shaped as it was by fishermen and the fish they caught. And so it is no surprise that the Still Aquarium exhibits everything from whitefish to catfish.


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