Riegsee Lake

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The Riegsee Lake is embedded in the hilly farming landscape northeast of Murnau, around two kilometres from the Staffelsee Lake. It is one of the warmest lakes with swimming access in Bavaria.

Unlike Staffelsee, the Riegsee Lake does not have an island, unless we count the floating piece of land that breaks off the mainland after heavy rain showers. When the wind picks up, it may very well be that aquatic water sports enthusiasts will see the small section of the shore approaching them at an impressive speed.
This phenomenon is most likely explained by the fact that the Riegsee Lake has no natural inlet or outlet.

Therefore, the water can either simply evaporate or seep away. In this way, the water level usually remains very stable, except when there is strong rainfall. In the past, it was rumoured that the lake flowed into the Staffelsee Lake underground or even had an outlet near the village of Huglfing. This, however, was never proven scientifically.

Fishermen’s jargon

Despite – or perhaps because – the Riegsee Lake is not very deep, it has an exceptional abundance of fish species. Whitefish, pike, bass and eel can all be found here. Fishermen at Riegsee may also find bream (Abramis brama) or crucian carp (Carassius carassius), zander (also known as pikeperch, Latin Sander lucioperca, syn. Stizostedion lucioperca) or roach (Rutilus rutilus), carp or tench (also known as doctor fish, Latin Tinca tinca) on their fishing hooks. Some of these come in large sizes! The fishermen mostly attribute this phenomenon to the fact that the lake is relatively shallow, so that it heats up rapidly. As a result, the water provides sufficient nutrition and small fish as prey. Wels catfish (Silurus glanis) as large as 1.5 metres have even been sighted here. Small fish are also caught here, for example by the local fishing club, Fischereiverein Murnau e.V., which is permitted to fish in Riegsee. Here, you can obtain daily, weekly and annual fishing permits and also rent a boat.

Into the blue

Recreational options

Even though the Riegsee Lake is significantly smaller than the Staffelsee Lake, it offers a tremendous repertoire of recreational options. Fishermen, for example, will find here all their heart could desire.

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