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The parks of the market town of Murnau, once located just outside the confines of the town, have by now been subsumed into the urban landscape: the KulturPark near to the Murnau pedestrian zone, the Seidl Park adjacent to the Münter Haus and the Molo Park surrounding the local district of Hechendorf. These parks are landscaped oases of rest and recreation. Why not relax after a pleasant walk through the charming artists' settlement on the Staffelsee Lake, by pausing a while in one of the lush green gardens?


Seidl Park

The architect Emanuel von Seidl designed extensive gardens around his villa: what we now call the Seidl Park. Prepare to be enchanted by its stock of venerable, tall trees, a water-lilied pond and a number of listed monuments recalling a time long past: The prominent figures of Munich were frequent callers to Seidl's country house. Feasts and festivals were celebrated both in the house itself, and within its surrounding gardens. A performance of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" under open skies, directed by Max Reinhardt was just one of numerous famous highlights.

The town of Murnau later acquired the park. Since that time, the Förderkreis Murnauer Parklandschaft e.V., a society for the promotion of Murnau's parks, has maintained the grounds and attempted to restore parts of it to their original state: such as the Hirschenplatz and the Freundschaftshügel, two of the architect's most beloved spots.


Culture and nature, both to be found in the park that stretches out along the Culture and Convention Centre Murnau. It not only offers visitors a breath-taking view of the Alpine landscape around Germany's tallest mountain, the Zugspitze, but there are also new works from local sculptors and some quite special cultural events. To be sure, you'll be in tune with the times within the rooms of this modern building, or in the Muschel – the small seashell-shaped music pavilion in the park. This is complemented by interchanging outdoor exhibitions showcasing the artistic scene of Murnau.

The works of art and the Aline landscape are not exclusive to the green lawns of the KulturPark, for you can also enjoy them in the Restaurant Auszeit, where you can indulge in some fine cooking.

Culture and Convention Centre Murnau

Molo Park

When Walter von Molo's second wife Anne acquired various properties in Hechendorf and commissioned the building of a house, this was accompanied by the establishment of the garden complex called Molo Park between 1932 and 1934. Following the death of the writer, his widow sold more than four hectares of land to the town in 1969, under the condition that the place continue to be used as a centre of relaxation and a health spa. Her stipulation means that, still today, visitors can find much coveted peace and relaxation.

Upon his death on 27 October 1958, the author was interred on his property, today's Molo Park. A gravestone there reminds us to this day of the memory of Walter von Molo.


NaturErlebnisGarten (an experience nature garden)

To truly experience nature, you have to observe it, see it from another perspective. That's exactly what you do in the NaturErlebnisGarten (an experience nature garden), near the shore of the Staffelsee Lake. Wildflower meadows, flowerbeds and special habitats are to be found all ensconced in a small oak tree grove. There is much to be discovered here: the industrious bee colonies, frogs and toads at the edge of the small pond as well as birds of prey that circle over the land. And then there's an herb garden and a beer terrace to provide tasty diversion. Nibble on some fruit or make a small donation and take some with you for your loved ones. After all, the abiding tenet here is to experience Mother Nature with all of your senses.

The NaturErlebnisGarten is open to everyone and is easily accessible on foot, by bike or by car. Detailed directions are available from the map. Because it has no opening and closing times, the NaturErlebnisGarten is always a rewarding destination.

Apart from experiencing the NaturErlebnisGarten itself, you could also attend one of the courses on offer there. Subjects range from: Permaculture, herbology, wilderness awareness, knowledge of ultimate origins, rituals and the discovery of personal potential.


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Skulpturengarten Willy Guglhör (Willy Guglhör Sculpture Garden)

Bronze busts with penetrating stares, delicate small sculptures on towering steles, an imposing high relief bearing the title "Faun's Melody". Works of art to make you pause for thought. Not shut away in some sterile room, but rather openly displayed between alders and lime trees – indeed, right in the very garden of their creator,– the Murnau sculptor and artist Willy Guglhör.

In his Garden of Sculptures, Willy Guglhör has about 25 works on display over a space some 800 square metres in size. The Garden of Sculptures is a veritable oasis of inspiration and relaxation. Guglhör – who prefers working with stone and bronze – has created a quite unique open-air exhibition in his beautiful garden. Nature and art communicate harmoniously with one another here, while the gravel path is a winding invitation to stroll through a place of calm, whilst contemplating these sumptuous works.

Entry is free.
And personal guided tours are hosted by the artist himself, no less.


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