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Find out all the important details for your visit to a museum in or near Murnau and throughout the Blue Land. Be it folk art in the local history museums, historic buildings in the Freilichtmuseum (open-air museum) of Glentleiten or the renowned works of the expressionist artists in the Five Lakes Region, you will be delighted by the sheer diversity to be seen.


Mining Museum of Penzberg

Pitch coal was mined in the town of Penzberg for over 250 years. The mining museum is intended to commemorate the town's history and the miners and to also provide a true-to-life picture of this trade.


Glentleiten Open-Air Museum

On the grounds of the Glentleiten Open-Air Museum, you will embark on a journey through time: to the beginning of the 20th century when work in the fields was predominantly done by hand and an oil lamp lit up the cow barn.


Violin Building Museum of Mittenwald

How do you build a violin? In the Violin Building Museum in Mittenwald you can take a look at theoretical construction instructions, but you can also look over the shoulders of master violinists as they play.


Seehausen Museum of Local History

Hinterglasmalerei (art of reverse glass painting) and fishing, those were once the main sources of income in the village of Seehausen. Visit the local history museum to hunt for traces of past treasures on land and on water.


Uffing Museum of Local History

Contemporary art and historic testimonies of the small village on the shore of the Staffelsee Lake are all skilfully exhibited in the Heimatmuseum Uffing. A visit to this museum is a memorable journey through time.


Empress Elisabeth Museum

Venture into the myth of Sisi, without the heart-rending movie trilogy. A story that once moved the whole world – and maybe even you too – began in the former train station of Possenhofen.


The Kaulbach Villa

A place of inspiration. World-renown artists like Friedrich August von Kaulbach and his daughter Mathilde Beckmann found their artistic sanctuary here. Besides the works of art by these painters, you will also find interesting relics of the history of the small village of Ohlstadt.


Walchensee Lake Museum

One of the most important German impressionists found inspiration and contemplation at the Walchensee Lake. It is here that you will find a museum that dedicates an extensive exhibition to his memory.


Das Wetter in Murnau



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