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While vast litter meadows adorn themselves with European globe flowers (Trollius europaeus), iris, and wild orchids in the springtime, they are decorated with berry bushes, gentians, and sweet garlic (Tulbaghia fragrans) in late summer. Our specially trained hiking guides will lead you past deep bog lakes and small streams winding their way through the upland peat bog.

Bavaria's deepest peat bog is up to 18 meters (59 feet) deep, but have no fear, you will be able to return home with dry feet unless, of course, you're not wearing suitable footwear! On the guided hikes, you will learn all about the origin of the peat bog and also about more recent developments like the protection project of the German government.

Here you can find an overview of the guided tours of the peat bog offered.

Easy hike in the Murnauer Moos bog

Hike to the Drachenstich of Murnau, along a panoramic trail with stunning vistas of the peat bog and the surrounding mountains. Continue on a raised plank trail through the Langer Filz and the Murnauer Moos bog and back to the Ähndl Restaurant, where you can stop for a bite to eat and drink – and enjoy a stunning view of the bog and mountains to boot. Reinhard Klein, the visitor guide who has been with us for many years, will be glad to tell you all about Murnau, the Blue Land and its inhabitants. The tour is also ideally suited for families.

Tip: Wear water-resistant shoes or rubber boots and you will be able to walk through the Murnauer Moos bog without getting your feet wet. Make sure to also bring along rain and sun protection as well as a snack.

  • Tour fee (3 hours): EUR 90
  • Tour fee (5 hours): EUR 135
  • For a group of more than 30 people there's a second guide needed.

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Mounds, “Drischen” and “Köchel”

The Murnauer Moos, the largest and still intact peat bog in the Alpine Foothills, shows the various stages in the history of a peat bog: splendid orchids and blooming litter meadows with rare relics of the Ice Age. Accompany biologist Helmut Hermann on a hike of amazing diversity. The tour normally takes five hours, but it can be shortened to three hours by omitting the highland section of the peat bog.

Tip: armed with a camera and a note pad and pencil, you can document all the important and exciting elements of this guided tour of the Murnauer Moos bog.

  • Tour fee (3 hours): EUR 90
  • Tour fee (5 hours): EUR 135
  • For a group of more than 30 people there's a second guide needed.

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