© Florian Werner, © Ingeborg Winkler

“Wochenmarkt” (Weekly Farmers’ Market)

Murnau's Wochenmarkt boasts regional produce and international products from neighbouring countries. Everything you need is here: from cheese from the local mountains, fruit and vegetables from local farms to Italian specialities and seafood. The Wochenmarkt takes place every Wednesday morning in the pedestrian zone.

Palmmarkt (Palm Sunday Market)

The bustle of the market on Palm Sunday in Murnau am Staffelsee always starts once the religious services are over. Numerous stalls located in the pedestrian zone show off superlative arts and crafts and take care of the visitors with food and drink. Murnau's shops also open their doors on this particular Sunday.

Murnauer Mai-Dult (a bit of everything)

On the first Sunday of May, merchants and Kleinkunst (small theatre) artists invite visitors to a quite special market experience in Murnau's town centre – the Murnauer Mai-Dult. It is a true feast for the senses: Rarities and antiques, art and bric-a-brac are on offer here. And there is a rich diversity of performances of Kleinkunst theatre and music on show, served up alongside culinary delicacies. And this is one of just a few Sundays when Murnau's shops also throw open their doors.

Skapuliermarkt (Scapular Market)

The Skapuliermarkt has been taking place on the third Sunday in July since 1722. Elector Max Emanuel bestowed this annual market on Murnau, and it was originally celebrated on the Monday after Scapular Sunday, a Marian feast day. Today, the colourful bustle of the market still remains a popular magnet for both young and old, and it is a quite idiosyncratic experience.

Töpfermarkt (Pottery and Ceramics Market)

There is a veritable tradition in Murnau of making and displaying creative ceramics. For the grounds of the Culture and Convention Centre of Murnau has been the venue for the annual Töpfermarkt since 1993. The event is an opportunity for over 30 exhibitors to present their clay-based creativity. And enthusiasts of traditional and modern pottery craft can satiate their interest at any number of demonstrations.

Michaeli-Markt (Michaelmas Market)

A colourful hub-bub of activity awaits you at the Michaeli-Markt in Murnau on the last Sunday in September. It all makes for an enticing occasion to go wandering about and doing some shopping in Murnau's pedestrian zone. Aside from the regional products and local delicacies, the town's shops and stores also open their doors for the day. And, in fact, they stay open all day long until 5 in the evening.

Leonhardi-Markt (Leonhardi Market)

On 6 November, Murnau plays host to one of the most venerable and largest pilgrimages to take place in the uplands, and the traditional market bustle is an essential part of it. At 10 in the morning, the Leonhardi-Markt in Murnau is the stage for a fitting celebratory end to the traditional farming year. Regional farmers and merchants are out in force to tempt visitors with culinary delicacies and regional produce. The local retailers open up their doors to passing trade. Then in the evening there's a show and dancing to be enjoyed at the Leonhardi Dance in the Culture and Convention Centre Murnau.

November-Markt (November Market)

The November Market takes place on the Sunday after Leonhardi. But if Leonhardi falls on a Sunday, there'll be no November-Markt in that year. At the market you can buy all kind of regional produce and local creations. And there's no shortage of culinary delights on offer, of course. Enjoy some of the traditional Schmalzgebäck (deep-fried pastries) as well as some hearty, savoury examples of local cuisine. The November-Markt is an opportunity for local stores to open all-day Sunday.

Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market)

Hosted on the third weekend of Advent, Murnau's Christkindlmarkt creates a pre-Christmas spirit to stimulate all the senses. A host of traditional Christmas Tree decorations and magical arts and crafts can be admired and purchased. The stalls offering culinary delicacies are hard to ignore. And there's an important visitor looking forward to seeing you and your little ones: Saint Nicholas, pulled by a horse-drawn sleigh, always makes a stop in Murnau. Another highlight comes with the Nativity scene featuring live oxen and donkeys, a true delight for the young and old alike.

Weihnachtliches Hüttendorf (Christmas Hut Village)

The Christmas Hut Village is a characteristic feature of the festive scene of the town, and is open from the end of November right up to the 23 December. Around the Christmas tree in front of the Town Hall, a series of little wooden huts present regional arts and crafts. Traditional Christmas pastries, punch and mulled wine, combined with atmospheric music – visitors can hardly pull themselves away.