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In the middle of the Ammer Forest, between the villages of Ettal und Oberammergau, a small forest service road winds its way to a secluded fairy-tale palace. King Ludwig II had the former forester's cottage of his father, Maximilian II, reconstructed into a magnificent royal palace, to where he liked to retreat, accompanied only by his servants. It was to be the only larger-sized palace that was finished while King Ludwig II was still living.

Not only the palace itself, but the grounds with the park and gardens were also planned with great precision. They were designed by Carl von Effner, the royal garden architect and Court Garden Director. To the south, three terrace gardens border the gardens, crowned by a round temple and a lime tree that is about 300 years old. From the bedroom in the northern wing, water flows from the "Music Pavilion" and in fine veils down the slope over 30 marble steps and then into the Neptune fountain.

A park with beautiful landscapes surrounds the splendid gardens, finally merging with the bordering alpine forest of the Ammergau Alps. Gently winding paths alternatingly lead through tall beach trees, strong oak trees and old lime trees and open meadows. And on the northern edge of the park, King Ludwig II arranged for the building of an artificial "grotto" (cavern) illuminated in brilliant colours with the most modern technology, along with a Moorish Kiosk

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