Horse and carriage rides

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A journey through time

Climb into the carriage and let your carriage driver take you on a journey through time. While his horses draw your carriage through the enchanting countryside of the Alpine foothills, you can listen to stories from times long ago: when the fairy-tale king, Ludwig II, stopped over at the Post Tavern in Murnau and Emperor Ludwig selected the dragon as the animal for Murnau's coat of arms.

You will also learn interesting facts about the plants and animals in the Murnauer Moos, a moor nature reserve, on this tour. You will also visit an original inn and, to top things off, ride to the Bavarian Primary and State Stud Farm of Schwaiganger.

Here you get an overview of the operators in the Blue Land region.


   Image   Address

   Image   Telephone
   Fritz Bichlmayr

   Partenkirchner Str. 38
   82418 Murnau a. Staffelsee

   +49 (0)8841 3402
   Josef Buchner
   Völlenbach 1
   82449 Uffing a. Staffelsee

   +49 (0)8846 405
   Josef Gramer
   Hörnleweg 16
   82418 Murnau a. Staffelsee

   +49 (0)8841 8126
   Josef Hutter
   Mühlhagener Str. 14
   82418 Murnau a. Staffelsee

   +49 (0)8841 6131 0
   Johann Mayr
   Luketsried 3
   82449 Uffing a. Staffelsee

   +49 (0)8846 604
   Jakob Miller
   Leibersberg 5
   82418 Riegsee

   +49 (0)8847 282


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