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Herrenwörth was the name of the island in the Chiemsee Lake on which one of the oldest abbeys north of the Alps could be found, until it fell victim to secularisation. In 1873, King Ludwig II purchased the small island and made a dream come true for himself there: his project to build a new Versailles.

In the New Castle of Herrenchiemsee, he had a copy of the French royal residence built according to plans by Georg Dollmann and Julius Hofmann, as a symbol of absolutism and an independent creation of historicism. In comparison, though, the building itself was smaller than Versailles. On the other hand, it boasts a larger Hall of Mirrors than the original. The park surrounding the palace is based on designs by Carl von Effner and also borrows motifs from Versailles.

The castle was not yet finished when King Ludwig II died in 1886; only the royal representation rooms and living quarters were complete. It is thus that numerous rooms and halls are still in a state resembling a shell construction, which is why it is often referred to as a "torso" today. Nevertheless, the royal estate has remained undamaged and complete in terms of its furnishings like barely any other. Since 1987, several of the unfinished rooms house a museum dedicated to the life of the Fairy-Tale King and his extraordinary building projects.

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