Froschhauser Lake

© Charlotte Tettenborn


Countless frogs lent the village of Froschhausen and the lake at its gates their name. Many still inhabit the lake today, hidden in the high reeds of the Froschhauser Lake. They can be heard from afar – a truly idyllic location for a frog concert! The Froschhauser Lake is situated in a nature reserve where, in addition to the frogs, you will also encounter numerous species of birds that build their nests here.

This smallest of the three lakes near Murnau is also popular for swimming. Here, surrounded by beautiful litter meadows and in the midst of low and shallow limestone peat bogs, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Alps, both from the water and the grassy shore. The lake is popular for its warm temperatures as well as for the soft skin the bog water gives you.

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