Church of Wies

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Between 1745 and 1754, the famous architect, Dominikus Zimmermann, erected a unique church in the meadowy foothills of the Alps. It is one of the most outstanding works of art of the Bavarian rococo period. The sacral architecture of the pilgrimage Church of Wies is unparalleled, leading UNESCO to declare it a World Heritage Site in 1983 with the following statement of grounds: "The abundant stucco decorations by Dominikus Zimmermann and the ceiling paintings by his brother Johann Baptist Zimmermann, court painter of the Bavarian Elector, create a light and living decor of unmatched richness and refinement. As a masterpiece of human creative genius and an exceptional testimony to a culture that has disappeared [...]."

The Church of Wies was built because of the "miracle of tears" that occurred near Steingaden in 1738. The peasant woman, Maria Lory, is said to have seen tears in the eyes of the figure depicting the Scourged Jesus. This is the origin of the pilgrimage to the Scourged Saviour that has become so rich in tradition. It wasn't long before Abbot Hyazinth Gaßner and the synod of the Premonstratensian monastery of Steingaden had a church erected on the site. Since then, the Church of Wies has been inviting people to visit the church and pray, or to just behold and admire it, or perhaps listen to one of the summer concerts held there. The pilgrims are being joined by ever-increasing numbers of lovers of art and culture.



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